Saturday, 12 October 2013


There's been quite an uproar lately, around issues involving expatriates.
An emarati journalist, who is a Twitter superstar, made news for a proposal to give citizenship to expats.
And also it's stirring laugh, the initiative to make a gender test to foreign workers before issuing a visa for them, in order to avoid transgender or lesbians and gays entries in Gulf countries.

I would rather be sure, if I was in government representatives, that expatriates, were dealt with as human beings first.
I was quite naive to go to the Sultanate of Oman without too many precautions, thinking that at least a Muslim would be safe in a Muslim country.
Nothing of that sort.
Muslims are perhaps the ones to guard from, in an Arab country.
I did quite a lot of mistakes, but I think I was treated really unfairly.
The lady I was willing to make some business with, in the end tried to kick me out because we didn't reach an agreement.
She wanted revenge, so she did not tell me either, in those times a resignation letter should have been accompained by a no objection one.
She came to my house and made me sign.
Few days later she sent a guy with another letter saying I had to leave the country.
Had I not met some locals trying to help me legally, I would have been kicked out of Oman, and lost the money I entirely put, in order to raise a society.
And I did loose much more money than few thousands.
A Jordanian guy who pretended to help me, in the end just asked for money, without giving back.
Meanwhile my visa expired and I had no other way than accepting a deal allowing me to leave the country on the premise that I would not re-enter before three years.
Now that I was thinking that the blacklist period had expired, my friends over there found out that it is a lifetime ban, just for the very fact that I accepted the deal.
I was never told such a thing.
Neither the ministry of labour people nor the royal police, ever told me and my embassy representatives, that the deal would be like that.
The court was fair in issuing an order saying that the jordanian guy, who was already on the run, should give me back the money, but for the rest, I was dealt with like rubbish.
This is not acceptable.
I will search for justice in international courts.

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